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Italy has the second lowest percentage of graduates in the EU

Posted by | January 8, 2018 | Mobility, News

Italy has the second lowest percentage of university graduates in the European Union, as Eurostat statistics showed.

Just over one in four Italians (26.2 %) aged between 30 and 34 has completed a university degree, a figure only outdone in Romania, where it was 25.6 %.

Source: Urbino Project

Source: Urbino Project

However, the figure for Italy had almost doubled since 2002, when it stood at 13.1 %.
Across the European Union as a whole, the %age of people with university-level education stood at 39.1 %, up from 23.6 % in 2002. Lithuania topped the table, with 58.7 %, followed by Luxembourg (54.6 %) and Cyprus (53.4 %).

In line with an EU-wide trend, women in Italy are significantly more likely to complete a university degree than their male counterparts, with 32.5 % doing so compared to 19.9 % of men.

Italy also saw a high rate of early school leavers, with only four countries performing worse. With 14 % of Italians not having reached a secondary level of education, Italy had reached its country target for 2016, but remains a long way off the EU average of 10.7 %.

EU countries are aiming for 40 % of 30-34-year-olds to have university degrees by 2020, by which time they also hope that more than 90 % will have completed secondary education.

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