What is the minimum wage in Belgium?

Minimum wage in Belgium remains unchanged in the first quarter of 2018. The Belgium minimum wage saw some modest increase in 2016 and 2017 by 2%, however in the first half of the 2018 it stayed on the same level of EUR 1,562.59.




Gross Min Wage



€  1,501.82


€  1,501.82



€  1,501.82



€  1,531.93


2017 €  1,562.59


2018 (first half of the year) €  1,562.59


Source: Eurostat

The minimum wage in Belgium varies among industries, because the level of minimum wage is determined on the level of sector committees. If some industry does not have the sectorial committee then national Belgium minimum wage applies.  The above showed levels of minimum wage are determined on the monthly basis, for 38 working hours per week.


We would also like to bring to your attention than Belgium minimum wage depends on the level of experience, so more experienced professionals are being paid with the higher wage.  Minimum wage on the level of sector committees is being determined for the following industries:

  • Metal, machine and electric construction for workers
  • Food industry
  • Cleaning and disinfection undertakings
  • Building sector
  • Furniture and wood processing industry
  • Road transport and logistics on behalf of third parties
  • Horticultural undertakings
  • Electricians: installation and distribution
  • Employees
  • Metal, machine and electric construction for clerical workers

For all other sectors the level applicable is the average minimum monthly income that has been determined at inter-professional level


Are internships being remunerated in Belgium

For interns older than 21, Internship has to me remunerated as well, and they have to be given the allowance of EUR 751 or higher per each month worked.  Please bear in mind that each intern has to sign the contract with the hosting company, where they have to stipulate clearly the conditions and learning objectives. Therefore, bear in mind that unpaid internships are not in line with the Belgian national legislation, if you are older than 21.


Sources: Eurostat and Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue