What are the average Salaries in Poland ?

Poland is one of the largest EU counties, an emerging economy and therefore average salaries in Poland may vary a lot, depending on the region or the industry where you work.

Polish economy is famous for farming, but the country is also hosting some of the most famous blue-chips companies, such as DELL for example.


In APRIL 2017, National Statistics office has published that average salary in Poland is EUR 1053 (or 4,449 PLN in local currency). According to the published data biggest average salaries were in the IT sector (close to EUR 2000) while the smallest paycheck was given to administrative workers (close to EUR 800). As you can see, Poland is not immune to huge wage gaps and average salaries vary a lot.

What are the average salaries in Poland by industry ?

In the table below you may see more detailed statistics covering average salaries in Polish economy by the industry. Data has been retrieved in April 2017. We have converted values given in local currency to EUR, for easier comparison.

Industry PLN  EUR 
IT 8074.87  €  1,942.73
Energy (distribution of the GAS and Electricity) 7301.28  €  1,756.61
Science jobs 7034.3  €  1,692.38
Mining 6858.28  €  1,650.03
Real estates 4969.3  €  1,195.56
Building and construction 4448.71  €  1,070.32
Industrial Processing 4406.1  €  1,060.06
Trade and car repair 4300.07  €  1,034.55
Water and waste management 4110.97  €     989.06
Transportation and logistics 3912.5  €     941.31
Hospitality and Tourism 3289.78  €     791.49
Administration 3230.79  €     777.30


Average salaries in Poland buy the region

Residents of the polish capital – WARSAW earn the most in the country, however the cost of living is the highest as well.  Average NET wage in Warsaw is PLN 3820, or EUR 920. Salaries in other cities are lower, so residents of Krakow earn PLS 3387 or EUR 814, of Wroclaw PLN 3341 while  in Gdansk workers bring home in average wage of  PLN 3341.

It is also important to note that Polish Government has established minimal wage. So according to legislation salary in Warsaw has to be at least PLN 2000.

Having in mind that Poland is an emerging economy it is expected that average salaries will increase over time. It is also important to mention that unemployment rate in the country is really low, so job hunting should not be a difficult task.