What are the average salaries in Norway?

It’s always good to know the salary you can expect in your area of expertise, especially if you have just moved or you’d like to move to Norway. To help you with such information quickly, here is a compilation of data provided by the Norwegian Statistics Office. regarding average salaries in Norway.

Norway Salaries

The data is based on average salaries per month ( in gross amount) for the various professions in all sectors , both sexes, and both full-time and part-time positions. Official Data is provided by Statistics Norway for 2015/2016

What are the average salaries in Norway

Monthly earnings
2015 2016
Managers 62.800,00 6.594,00 63.800,00 6.699,00
Managing directors and chief executives 72.500,00 7.612,50 73.900,00 7.759,50
Professionals 48.800,00 5.124,00 49.600,00 5.208,00
Technicians and associate professionals 47.300,00 4.966,50 47.900,00 5.029,50
Clerical support workers 35.900,00 3.769,50 36.600,00 3.843,00
Service and sales workers 31.700,00 3.328,50 32.400,00 3.402,00
Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers 30.700,00 3.223,50 31.700,00 3.328,50
Craft and related trades workers 35.700,00 3.748,50 36.300,00 3.811,50
Plant and machine operators and assemblers 36.600,00 3.843,00 37.200,00 3.906,00
Elementary occupations 30.300,00 3.181,50 30.900,00 3.244,50
Source: Statistics Norway

As you may see in the table above, there has been some increase in salaries between 2016 and 2015.  Biggest paychecks have Managers and Professionals, while the smallest salaries are for workers without qualifications (around EUR 3.200).  This makes Norwegian labor market most attractive in Europe, comparing to the our EU and non EU Countries.

Gender gap in wages still persists

Like in other countries, in Norway, there is also a gender gap regarding wages for males and females. Please consult the table below for detailed review

Monthly earnings in NOK and EUR
2015 2016
Private sector and public enterprises 43.200,00 4.536,00 43.800,00 4.599,00
Males 45.700,00 4.798,50 46.200,00 4.851,00
Females 38.300,00 4.021,50 39.100,00 4.105,50
Local government 38.600,00 4.053,00 39.500,00 4.147,50
Males 40.800,00 4.284,00 41.500,00 4.357,50
Females 37.900,00 3.979,50 38.800,00 4.074,00
Central government 45.700,00 4.798,50 46.500,00 4.882,50
Males 49.700,00 5.218,50 50.300,00 5.281,50
Females 43.000,00 4.515,00 43.800,00 4.599,00
Source: Statistics Norway

The gender gap in salaries in Norway is biggest in private sector, where male employees earn around 20% more that their female colleagues.

According to the Statistics average monthly salaries in Norway for women as a percentage of average monthly earnings is  decreased from 86.2 % in the 3rd quarter of 2014 to 86.1 % in the 3rd quarter of 2015. In the public sector there was a decrease from 88.1 to 87.4 %, while in the private sector the percentage was unchanged at 84.4 per cent

Even though above listed amounts seem high to the most Europeans, note that life in Norway is expensive comparing to the rest of Europe, especially in larger urban centers.  Furthermore, there can be great differences in wages according to the place where you live and work. This means that seem job is not paid equally in Oslo and in some smaller city. However, average salaries in Norway, definitely call you to consider option of living and working in Norway.