What are the average salaries in Belgium ?

How much do Belgians earn on average? Which professions earn the highest wages and which sectors pay the most? How do age and degree influence the paycheck?

These are all the question someone considering to move to Belgium ask himself. According to the latest survey produced by the Belgium statistics office , these are the response: full-time employees receives a gross average salary of 3,300 euros per month. Apart from the gross average salary, survey has idenfied following findings:

  • 50% of employees earned less than 2,854 euros. 10% of them were even paid less than 2,049 euros.
  • For 10% of employees, monthly earnings equalled at least 5,038 euros.
  • Managing directors and chief executives were paid the most, with a monthly salary of 9,018 euros. In fact, they earned four times more than waiters and bartenders, who received on average 2,129 euros.
  • The petrochemical industry was the highest-paying sector, whereas accommodation and food service activities paid the lowest wages.
  • Age still plays a large role in wage formation. Its influence is stronger among white-collar workers than blue-collar workers.
  • The average monthly salary of female full-time employees was 7% lower than that of male full-time employees. If we extend the analysis to part-time employees, the pay gap between men and women rises to 20%.
  • With an average salary of 3.813 euros, Brussels is financially the most attractive region to work in. Employees earn the least in the arrondissement of Dinant.
  • Studying pays off. On average, people with a master’s degree earn 56% more than the average Belgian.

The occupation in Belgium largely determines the amount on the paycheck. With a gross monthly salary of 9,018 euros, managing directors and chief executives received the highest wages. The top ten of best-paid occupations is completed by managers, executives and experts in exact sciences. In the table below you may see the average gross salaries in top 10 occupations:



On the other hand, with an average gross monthly salary of 2,129 euros, waiters and bartenders held the lowest-paying jobs. Hairdressers, beauticians, cleaners and cashiers also earned less than a quarter of the monthly wage of managing directors and chief executives. Please have a look at the table below for the overview of average salaries for 10 lowest paid occupations in Belgium.


Survey has identified The petrochemical industry as the highest-paying sector. Wages in this sector were on average 53% above the national average. Consulting companies and computer activities completed the top three of the highest-paying economic activities.

Source: AD Statistiek – Press release