Writing motivation letter for a Job in EU institution

Good motivation letter is important when applying for a job with EU institutions. Before applying, it is useful to reflect on what factors motivate you in wanting to work for an EU institution. Usually it is a mixture of various considerations – such as the desire to work on international affairs, the opportunity to travel, getting an attractive salary and benefits, having an interesting and varied job, speaking and learning foreign languages, job security etc.

Being aware of which factors are the most important for you personally can help in identifying which profile to apply for − and it should also help in the structured interview,if you get to the Assessment Centre, when assessors try to find out more about your personality. “Being part of something larger than yourself” is a vital aspect that you may also emphasis in your application’s motivation section.

While your CV is crucial for your invitation to an interview, the motivation letter is your best friend that can “sell” your abilities and convince the reader that it is worth clicking on your CV to find out more about you. For the motivation letter, the most important issue is to use an upside down approach.

What does this mean? Well, it simply refers to the hint that in every motivation letter, always talk about “what’s in it for them” instead of “who am I and why I am fantastic”.  Once you get a feel for this approach, your motivation letter will never be the same. As a matter of fact, your EU job applications will go through such a radical change that you should not be surprised if you get invited to more interviews than you can handle…!

Motivation letter for EU job is structured as any other motivation letter.  We will provide below several examples of motivation letter for EU job

Motivation letter sample for a Traineeship in EU Commission

Motivation letter sample for a job in EU Parliament