Permanent Jobs in the EU

All permanent jobs in the EU Institutions are recruited through open competitions. These competitions are organized by the EPSO and offer job opportunities in all the EU Institutions.  The roles available are in different fields like Communication, Translation, Interpretation, IT, Finance, etc. Graduates can apply for so-called ‘Administrator’ profiles whereas non-graduates can apply for ‘Assistant’ profiles. The selection procedures for the respective profiles are published at different times of the year.


There are two basic permanent jobs profiles in the EU institutions in the EU institutions,and those are Administrators and Assistants.

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  1. Administrators (AD)


Permanent jobs in the EU institutions for Administrators play very important roles in regard to drafting new legislation and implementing EU legislation. Administrator roles vary based on the EU Institution/DG they are recruited by. During the application process you must choose one of the following areas you would like to work in:

  • European Public Administration (generalist profile where you may end up working on policy development and administration);
  • Law;
  • Audit;
  • Communication;
  • External relations;


Entry Levels


There are 2 common entry grades for administrators:

AD5 – generally no professional experience is required

AD7 – Several years of relevant experience is generally a requirement


All candidates must have a recognized degree and should meet language requirements. Degree in any field is often acceptable, however some administrator posts will look specifically for graduates of specific field, such as math and statistics, law, economics, commerce or accounting, etc. Applicants should also have excellent university grades. A good knowledge of EU policies/institutions and/or managerial experience will also really add value to your application, as can postgraduate qualifications and a previous traineeship in one of the EU Institutions.

  1. Assistants (AST)

Permanent jobs in the EU institutions for Assistants are related to daily function of the EU Institutions. Their responsibilities regularly include budgetary work, computing and document management

Like that of an administrator, assistants are employed (usually in a supporting role) in the number of different areas, including:

  • Secretarial
  • Financial
  • Administrative
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Policy development and communication


Entry levels


Entry level grades for Assistants permanent jobs in the EU institutions range from AST1-AST11. These grades are based on experience – the higher the grade you work at, the higher the salary you’ll receive, and the longer you work in the EU the higher your grade becomes. Common entry level for assistants is AST 1 to AST 3, however AST 3 requires several years of experience. For more info take a look at:


Candidates for AST positions do not need a third-level degree to apply. However, they do need meet the language requirements of an EU official,  have relevant experience and a recognized second level qualification.


Source: European Movement Ireland